Waste Recycling

At The SevenShadesTech,we are ready to accept any recycling products including multiple layers of plastic, plastic gloves, plastic bags, or other plastic related products. We collect & recycle almost any kind of plastic waste. We can collect plastic waste collection from any individual, manufacturer, retailer, company’s municipalities, NGO & small or big businesses. Also, we are sending message of clean India, Green India.

What is the Recycling Process of SevenShadesTech?

There are more than 20+ critical steps where the recycling process work. Just, see the below-presented standard process of the Recycling.

  • Collection: Recyclable material must be collected from the consumers. We have a transport facility so our vehicle will reach out to your place to collect the recycling material like plastic.
  • Sorting: After reaching our delivery place, we start the sorting process with recycling materials. We separate non-recycled or recycle-based materials with various patterns & levels.
  • Washing: After separating the waste materials, we separate the chemical or harmful materials through our washing techniques.
  • Identification & Separation: Now, we identify the materials that can be re-useable and send into the air tunnel & spirited by the class & categories.
Why We Are in Recycling?

There are various reasons why we adopt recycling facilities. Such as:

  • First of all, we are not money minded while we are doing recycling facilities to drive a clean & green environment. Also, we deal especially with Plastic Recycling techniques.
  • Plastic needs to recycling with very less energy.
  • Plastic recycling can convert petrochemical feeds, natural gas, or other essential things.
  • Recycling plastic is a less time taking process & generates virgin materials.

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