Waste Management

In metro or developed cities where the populations are rapidly increasing and a hedge amount of waste is generated from the commercial areas as well as residential. Consequently, there must be the management of the waste & proper settlement or sorting of the waste. We are offering a comprehensive waste management solution from Seven Shades Tech and we are working with the spirit of “Clean India, Green India Campaign Drive” In this initiative, we are offering Zero waste management, Chemical cleaning, plastic recycling, or other waste management facilities

We are available & suitable for all types of sectors and serve our services on:
  • Tech park corporate sector
  • residential apartment
  • housing unit
  • Educational units
  • Government sectors
  • Municipal corporation
  • constructions sites & etc

We have advanced equipment & skilled workers who can able to deliver the best solutions for recycling, disposal, segregation, waste collection, or management.

How Does SevenShadesTech Network Work?
  • Pick up the waste or disposal materials.
  • Deliver in our highly advanced Units.
  • Provide the perfect Segregation for recycling. (Segregated into the 24 level & categories)
  • Recycling material will send as per the requirement or need.
Why work with us?

We articulate actual waste management strategies to resolve the huge waste issues in our metropolises cities. To ensure proper workplace waste management, we generate awareness programs & inspire employee engagement to make these efforts positive. In residential communities, we coordinate & organize with helpers, volunteers, safety associations, housekeeping & cleaning workers, and maintenance staff. We are trying to offer efficient & economical budget-friendly prices, environment-friendly practices, saving time, a healthy & safe environment & customized waste collection & supporting the local economy. We are aware to our client’s separate waste into dry and wet. Also, we share the message what is the importance of sustainable waste management & effective adoption practices. Also, we organized training sessions where we tech & guide basic information about waste segregation, waste types & much more things about waste management.

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