Plastic vs Human Life

Humans are consuming a large number of toxic chemicals & micro plastics from direct skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion. According to WWF research, the average single human consumes more than 5 grams of plastics in a week. Due to plastic causes, there are lots of new diseases, premature death, and disability is happing in every stage of the life cycle. Plastic is disrupting the whole world on a large scale. Health impacts are also observed all along the plastic value chain. On the one side, humans make their life comfortable & easier with use of the plastics & on the other hand, plastics are eaten by humans & getting various types of diseases or illnesses. In this fast pace of life, Humans can’t live without plastic because they are not aware of the negative impact of plastics and shorten their age or life. As per the report, in 2017, Belgian scientists announced that seafood lovers could consume up to 11,000 plastic particles a year by eating mussels, a favourite dish in that country. The health impacts of plastic all over its lifecycle are irresistible. Many actions, strategies & solutions are required to oppose this threat to human life. To be actual, they must eventually reduce the production, disposal of plastic, use & associated toxic chemicals.

“A plastic Pollution free world is not a choice but a commitment to Human life – a commitment to the next generation”

Q.What is the Role of Seven Shades for Plastic & Human Life?

A step to Join the biggest cleaning & environment safety drive. We are not just a company who are offering services only rather than we are committed to repairing our environment or ecosystem. We are balancing the environment & saving human life from plastic recycling techniques. Join Us & Contribute Some Precious Time for Environment Safety Drive.


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No, we don’t collect waste material or garbage door to door or any special small area or home.

Yes, Recycling materials is a great source of energy so that can produce green energy from the disposal & recycling of materials.

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Yes, Seven Shades Tech is working with Clean India, Green India motto.

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